Kiefer Sutherland and Freddie Prinze Jr.'s Weird Bloodfeud Continues

Apparently Kiefer Sutherland and Freddie Prinze Jr. are in a fight? At Comic-Con over the weekend, Prinze mentioned on a panel that working with Sutherland was so terrible it made him WANT TO QUIT ACTING (which he basically did). Today, Sutherland's people responded with tranquil grace. » 7/28/14 8:00pm 7/28/14 8:00pm

Jennifer Aniston's Stripper Diet: Kale, Kale and More Kale

"I did eat that day," Jennfer Aniston has qualified (verbatim) about her stripper scene in upcoming movie We're the Millers, as if consuming necessary sustenance within a 24-hour period is a magnificent, shocking truth. » 7/30/13 9:00am 7/30/13 9:00am

Arch-Rivals Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood To Stay In Separate…

Celebrity execs and personal handlers at this year's Grammys have been ordered to keep Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood far away from each other during Sunday's awards ceremony so they don't scratch each others' eyes out or something. Not only are the two both tributaries from District Blonde-Country-Crossover who… » 2/09/13 11:30am 2/09/13 11:30am

London Hotel Has No Patience For Nicki Minaj's Tomfoolery

Nicki Minaj and her entourage were kicked out of a five-star hotel for causing a ruckus. What did they expect? Everybody knows she's a motherfucking monster. » 1/23/11 10:30am 1/23/11 10:30am

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