Fashionista Kids Apparently Have a 'Style Gene'

Meet 7-year-old Aubrey Conlon of Skokie, Illinois. She's a little kid who likes clothes. Or, as the New York Times would have it, she is living evidence that some children have an innate grasp of fashion and its workings. A deeper, purer love of clothes than any mere adult. Perhaps even the possessor of "a style… » 6/11/12 4:10pm 6/11/12 4:10pm

Child Fashion Show Imagines Rock N Roll Class War In The Arctic

While the world spins around them, the precocious children in the world of modeling continue to fight for order, justice, and the right to make inexplicable vaguely rebellious hand signals. » 1/23/11 3:31pm 1/23/11 3:31pm

The Best Sears Kids' Fashions For Spring… Of 1972

Last week, we quarreled over qiana as we paged through the best women's fashions from this 1972 Sears catalog. This week is child's play! Psychedelic patterns, Perma-Prest pants and tiny trenches, after the jump. » 5/05/09 4:00pm 5/05/09 4:00pm