The Kid President Sings His State of Valentine's Day Address

Here's a catchy little tune from our buddy the Kid President and his two friends Lennon and Maisey (of the wonderful "Call Your Girlfriend" cover). It's pretty great, but even better is the fact that, months after the election, the adorable little dude is still doing his kid president thing. It'd be great if this… »2/14/13 11:15pm2/14/13 11:15pm

Kid President Says Everyone Should Just Eat Some Damn Cupcakes

This child president knows what's up. I am not totally one hundred percent what's happening in this video, but this kid is hella cute. And he thinks adults are boring! Which is true! And he doesn't know why he painted his face... I have that same feeling whenever I put on makeup. We have so much in common! Kid… »11/12/12 9:30am11/12/12 9:30am