Surprise – Kick-Ass 2 is actually about the triumph of girl geeks!

Last week, the internet was exploding with rage over Kick-Ass comic book creator Mark Millar's nasty attitudes about women. And today, the movie Kick Ass 2 will shock you — not by being violent, rapey, and sexist. But by being the opposite. And sort of lovable to boot. » 8/16/13 12:43pm 8/16/13 12:43pm

Chloë Grace Moretz Is Cursing Up a Storm in the Kick-Ass 2 Trailer

Chloë Grace Moretz gained International (?) fame when she cursed her way into our hearts as Hit Girl in the original Kick-Ass. Although she was only 11-years-old during the filming, she kicked major ass and took all the names (and also, called people some names) like a seasoned pro. » 3/14/13 11:30pm 3/14/13 11:30pm