Yes, Khia Will Absolutely 'Pop Her Pussy' At Your Cookout

If this isn’t the best news of this goddamn century, it is most definitely the best news of this fucking year: Khia, the woman who brought licking crack to the forefront of the early 2000s, is bringing her grooves to cookouts and BBQs in your area, and wants to perform for you and yours at your next summer party. » 4/22/15 10:15am 4/22/15 10:15am

Barack Obama Doesn't Look Too Psyched About That Beer

Fifty thousand people are dead or close to it in Burma, and Barack Obama can state unequivocally that he does not drink designer beer. Seventy five percent of American adults will at some point be impoverished. The average American car owner really must save $30 this summer. Chris Hitchens believes Barack Obama may be… » 5/06/08 10:00am 5/06/08 10:00am

Khia Talks Back: "Bitch, I Am Miss Rap Supreme"

On the latest Miss Rap Supreme, veteran rapper Khia — who had the the gold-selling single "My Neck, My Back" — was disqualified from the show because it was discovered that she'd been rapping material she'd previously written, recorded, and released in the challenges and elimination rounds. (The rules specify that… » 4/24/08 11:00am 4/24/08 11:00am

Miss Rap Supreme Is Supremely Entertaining

Tonight VH1 is premiering its newest reality show Miss Rap Supreme. For some reason, VH1 tends to air new episodes of stuff during the daytime before evening "premieres", and we got a chance to catch the show earlier today and we love it. The ladies — all aspiring rappers — live in a house together and have to write… » 4/14/08 7:00pm 4/14/08 7:00pm