Australian PM Julia Gillard Backs House Targaryen, Because Dragons

It’s not just us plebs who enjoy a rollicking, premium-cable sex drama — super important world leaders also like to watch hour-long rape and murder spectacles as a diversion from their comparable uninteresting lives. Take Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, for instance, who found herself unexpectedly addicted… »5/28/13 9:30am5/28/13 9:30am

An adorable Khaleesi hosts the best Game of Thrones kids show ever

Warning: This video contains mild spoilers for the first two seasons of Game of Thrones. Also, it is insanely adorable, despite the truly horrific amounts of Targaryen-on-puppet violence featured within. Obviously, these puppets didn't watch last Sunday's episode of GoT, or they would have known you don't fuck with… »4/28/13 3:11pm4/28/13 3:11pm

Watch the Weirdest GoT Mashup Yet: How Khaleesi Got Her Dragons Back

Khaleesi and dragons go together like a horse and carriage — or like a horse and foal. Anywayz, she's a badass warrior princess who needs her army of adorably terrifying flying monsters, and she's about to get back on her feet and make that shit happen. Or something; this is hard to explain — just watch if you love… »3/29/13 10:50am3/29/13 10:50am

Zosia Mamet Is the 'Keeper of the Rape Jokes' on the Set of Her New Play

Girls's Zosia Mamet is currently starring in an off-Broadway play about a "murky rape accusation," and behind the scenes she has been dubbed the "keeper of the rape jokes." Because, of course, you always need rape jokes to "let off some steam," and you always need a lady around to tell everyone else whether or not… »2/20/13 8:00pm2/20/13 8:00pm