KFC Is Helping Teens Ask Each Other to Prom with the Chicken Corsage

I have no idea what to make of this information. Apparently KFC, that place that sells the chicken fried in the style of Kentucky, has taken up the charitable cause of aiding awkward teens choose a partner to get gussied up with, eat dinner with, and then grind up on to crappy Top 40 hits. Man, viral marketing is… »4/13/14 4:15pm4/13/14 4:15pm

The UK's Most Offensive Ad Ever Features People Singing With Their Mouths Full

The most offensive UK advertising campaign of all time is a 2005 KFC ad that features emergency hotline workers singing with their mouths full of crispy chicken, according to the Advertising Standards Authority, which released new data this week detailing all of the complaints they've received since the 1950s. »5/31/12 10:50am5/31/12 10:50am