Watch Key & Peele Bring 'Black on Black Violence' to College A Capella

As many current Jezebel staffers can attest, those brave enough to enter the dark world of college a capella find themselves constantly mired in a brutal web of emotional warfare, bad Katy Perry covers, and often, overwhelming racial homogeny—the latter of which, according to this brilliant sketch from a recent… »7/24/15 4:15pm7/24/15 4:15pm


The Daily Show Plays 'Racist or Not Racist' and Everyone's a Loser!

In this crazy mixed up world of ours, what with all of the Africa-themed costume parties, Richard Cohens, Sarah Palins and black people getting arrested at department stores for simply attempting to purchase clothes, it can sometimes be a little hard (especially for white folks) to tell what's racist and what's not.… »11/14/13 12:00pm11/14/13 12:00pm