Beauty, Sexuality Are In The Eye Of The Beholder

Perhaps you remember when, two months ago, Australian police shut down an exhibit of artist Bill Henson's work - some of which included photographs topless adolescent girls - claiming the work "lacked artistic merit." As Prime Minister Kevin Rudd put it: "Whatever the artistic view of the merits of that sort of stuff… »7/08/08 2:00pm7/08/08 2:00pm

Is The Relationship Between Male Artist And Female Subject Always A Destructive One?

Lucien Freud's painting of Sue Tilley, called "Benefits Supervisor Sleeping," has sold for £17.2 million — reportedly the highest payday for a living artist in history. For Kira Cochrane at the Guardian, the portrait brings up a bunch of issues about the relationship of artist to subject, specifically when the artist… »5/23/08 1:00pm5/23/08 1:00pm

Prosecutor Says Gang Rape Of 10 Year-Old Girl Was "Childish Experimentation"

The story of the ten-year-old Aboriginal girl who was gang raped by nine assailants in the Australian province of Queensland becomes more and more appalling with each new fragment of information. As reported yesterday, Queensland judge Sarah Bradley (pictured), who said the ten-year old "probably agreed" to the rapes,… »12/11/07 9:30am12/11/07 9:30am