Amanda Seyfried Can't Fall in Love Unless Her Vagina Feels Sparks

Amanda Seyfried is spreadin' gospel about the way (some) people's vaginas and hearts fall in love, e.g. no matter what Hollywood rom-coms say, the My Best Friend's Wedding theorem doesn't generally play out in real life. » 7/12/13 9:00am 7/12/13 9:00am

Nicolette Alleges Abuse; Jesse James Has Lots Of Sex Tapes

A Very Special GBU: Make-A-Wish Hits Santa Monica

Did you know that "Very Special Episode" has its own Wikipedia entry? Did you know that yesterday Mischa, Maya and Rosario all went to the Make A Wish Foundation event hosted by Kevin and Steffiana James at Santa Monica Pier? » 3/15/10 10:30am 3/15/10 10:30am

Have you actually not witnessed the clip of Chris Matthews schooling Kevin James, the conservative talk show host who didn't bother Googling Neville Chamberlain before he went on Hardball to accuse Chamberlain of being Barack Obama's ideological forebear? CLICK THE PIC THEN. Or you'll be condemned to a lifetime of… » 5/16/08 10:45am 5/16/08 10:45am