The World Does Not Need Another Season of Single Ladies

Sometimes shows should be cancelled because they’re bad and VH1’s previously-defunct Single Ladies is just that. Unfortunately, when crappy shows have a built-in audience of more than 2.6 million viewers, some lazy network will dredge them up if only to sell more suspect Dove products against LisaRaye’s attempts at… » 4/10/14 5:00pm 4/10/14 5:00pm

Here Are Kerry Washington's Adorable SNL Promos! (About That...)

Here are the promos for this week's Saturday Night Live where Scandal star Kerry Washington will take the stage and ideally gladiator the fuck out of it. If these short bits with the goofballish darling Taran Killam are any indication of how things'll go, we have no need to worry at all. (Is now the time to put in a… » 10/30/13 2:20pm 10/30/13 2:20pm