Kerry Washington Gave a Speech That Will Give You All The Feelings

Kerry Washington - one of last night's winners at the GLAAD Media Awards for her work as an ally - gave a compelling acceptance speech emphasizing the need for marginalized groups to come together across difference (an especially salient point in the wake of Patricia Arquette's unfortunate comments on women's rights). » 3/22/15 4:30pm 3/22/15 4:30pm

Here's a Preview of Lena Dunham and Her Wig on Scandal

Well, Lena Dunham's Scandal guest appearance is happening and you can't stop it. Here's a peek at next week's plot, which involves Dunham's character writing a tell-all book that threatens Washington. » 3/13/15 3:00pm 3/13/15 3:00pm

Kerry Washington to Star In HBO Anita Hill Film

Kerry Washington will play Anita Hill—the woman who accused U.S. Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of sexual harassment in 1991 which brought the issue of workplace harassment to national attention. » 3/12/15 4:15pm 3/12/15 4:15pm

Don't Ask the Scandal Cast About Columbus Short

Members of the Scandal cast answered some burning questions—including one about Columbus Short—during a very tight-lipped PaleyFest Q&A moderated by Jimmy Kimmel on Sunday. » 3/09/15 12:15pm 3/09/15 12:15pm

Kelly Osbourne Quits Fashion Police 

On Friday, Kelly Osbourne announced that she would leave E!'s long-running series, Fashion Police. Osborn had recently taken to Twitter to express her disappointment over co-star's Giuliana Rancic's shitty comments about Zendaya Coleman. » 2/28/15 10:55am 2/28/15 10:55am

InStyle and Kerry Washington Respond to Her 'Lightened' Cover

Scandal: The Various Stages of Olivia Pope's Prison Hair

Last night's winter premiere of Scandal brought back the suspense and panic that I felt was missing from the first half of the season. We haven't felt this sense of hopelessness from Olivia Pope in awhile. We also haven't seen her hair look so uncharacteristically unlaid. » 1/30/15 12:58pm 1/30/15 12:58pm

What the Hell Did Kerry Washington Get Shonda Rhimes For Her Birthday?

Today is Shonda Rhimes' birthday. The Empress of Shondaland recieved, I'm sure, many wonderful birthday gifts today but I am only interested in one. Kerry Washington has given Shonda some fabulous but mysterious gift which we know because Shonda posted this trolly-ass tweet: » 1/13/15 4:50pm 1/13/15 4:50pm

Olivia has staged a PR coup and is now…

Would Olivia Pope Drive a Pimped Out Prius? 

In today's Tweet Beat, Kerry Washington considers pimping out her Prius, those are two very attractive Lopezes and the black Michelle Williams hates liars. » 1/08/15 7:30pm 1/08/15 7:30pm

Chris Rock Wants to Act With Kerry Washington In a Nancy Meyers Romcom

The cover story of this week's New York magazine is a delightfully lengthy interview with Chris Rock by Frank Rich and in it, Rock expounds race relations in America, whether his kids think he's funny and his love of Nancy Meyers. » 12/01/14 12:40pm 12/01/14 12:40pm

How to Get Away with Murder is Beating Scandal in the Ratings

How to Get Away with Murder is beating Scandal and Kerry Washington's quivering bottom lip in ratings. ABC's Shondaland strategy — diverse casts, inappropriate husbands (with dick pics!), confused faces (Wes, he never knows what's going on!) and good wigs (Viola, we see you!) — is working. » 10/29/14 3:20pm 10/29/14 3:20pm

Allure Sure Does Love Kerry Washington's Lips

In today's Tweet Beat, Ryan Lochte is a human that exists, Albert Brooks has found a way to to end CNN's fear-mongering and is Allure trying to tell us something about Kerry Washington's lips? » 10/16/14 7:30pm 10/16/14 7:30pm

Dressing Olivia: An Interview With Scandal Costume Designer Lyn Paolo

In her fourth season on screen, Olivia Pope's legacy is already enduring. There's the giant goblet of wine, the assured strut, and that iconic white Burberry trench. For the clothes, which have taken on something of a side-fanship on their own, we have Emmy-winning costume designer Lyn Paolo to thank. » 10/09/14 5:10pm 10/09/14 5:10pm

Kerry Washington to Star in a Romantic Comedy

Kerry Washington will be taking off her Olivia Pope coats and stepping into a new role on the big screen. The Scandal lead will star in an upcoming romantic comedy titled Is He The One. » 10/06/14 10:30pm 10/06/14 10:30pm

Kerry Washington Did Not Lie About What Was in Her Box

This funny game Jimmy Fallon and Kerry Washington played on Tuesday night's Tonight Show is great but it's nowhere near as great as the fact that THE SCANDAL PREMIERE IS ALMOST UPON US. » 9/24/14 10:40am 9/24/14 10:40am

The Scandal Collection for The Limited Looks Pretty Great

The Scandal collection for The Limited will finally be in stores and online on September 23rd. The collaboration was announced back in June and everyday I've been wondering WHEN DO I GET TO SEE THOSE DAMN CLOTHES ALREADY? (I am a millennial.) » 9/15/14 6:20pm 9/15/14 6:20pm

Scandal Teaser: Where on Earth Is Olivia Pope?

We've been blessed with cryptic Scandal teasers to analyze between now and September 25th. Lord knows that Shonda Rhimes loves a hashtagable tagline and this time around we're getting Where On Earth Is Olivia Pope? » 9/09/14 1:40pm 9/09/14 1:40pm

It's Raining People of Color on TV Thanks to Shonda Rhimes, Scandal

People of color are taking over … the fall television schedule. From Taraji P. Henson and Viola Davis to Octavia Spencer and Tracee Ellis Ross, it’s a long overdue change on network TV. » 8/28/14 11:40am 8/28/14 11:40am