How the Horses in the Kentucky Derby Got Their Names

Every year when we would sit to watch the Kentucky Derby, my mother would inevitably make corny jokes about the names of all the horses. It was one of my favorite parts of race day. Of course, we'd wonder exactly how or why race horses end up with names like Notacatbutallama, Ononitsmymotherinlaw or Doremifasolatido. » 5/03/14 2:45pm 5/03/14 2:45pm

Johnny Weir's Pre-Kentucky Derby Hat Is a Thing of Beauty

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski are working as NBC fashion commentators for the Kentucky Derby this weekend, which meant that Friday on The Today Show they gave us a taste of what they were going to bring to the table fashion-wise. For Tara, that translated into tasteful black feathers. For Johnny, that meant a crazy… » 5/02/14 9:45am 5/02/14 9:45am

In The Future, Everyone Will Be Able To Prolong Their 15 Minutes Of…

  • Paris Hilton has rehired the publicist she just fired for misleading her into thinking that the legal document she sihned (sic!) meant she couldn't drive for 45 days if she could actually read it. Also, Paris has appealed to Governator Arnold for leniency, though we hear it's only because she got him mixed up with…
  • » 5/08/07 8:45am 5/08/07 8:45am