Christian Teen Would Rather Drop Out of Big Race Than Wear Number 666

A Kentucky high school runner recently cut her season short when she opted not to run in regionals. She wasn't injured, or sick, or tending to a family emergency. No, she dropped out of the race because she was assigned the number 666 and thought that if she ran wearing that number, it would threaten her relationship… » 11/06/13 3:30pm 11/06/13 3:30pm

Ashley Judd Reportedly Elbowed Out of Senate Race by Scheming Democrats

Good news for those waiting for season two of Netflix's House of Cards: the political maneuvering going on behind the scenes in Kentucky allegedly rivals Francis Underwood's best laid plans. Former Judd adviser Jonathan Miller believes that Ashley Judd was dissuaded from challenging Senate Minority Leader Mitch… » 4/01/13 10:50am 4/01/13 10:50am

Ashley Judd's D.C. Speech Already Being Picked Apart, Natch

Ashley Judd was under a microscope during a 90-minute appearance at a George Washington University student forum, ostensibly to speak about public health but, for all practical purposes, to continue establishing herself as a serious candidate to challenge Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell next year in Kentucky. » 3/02/13 5:15pm 3/02/13 5:15pm

Conservatives Run Attack Ad Against Ashley Judd Even Though She Isn't…

Ashley Judd, staunch feminist and delightful human being, is still just barely "mulling" a 2014 senate run against Kentucky Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Cliff's Notes: It is currently February of 2013)—but that didn't stop conservative Super PAC American Crossroads from firing up a big dorky… » 2/07/13 9:30am 2/07/13 9:30am

Missing Los Angeles Toddler Found in Kentucky Being Pushed in a…

On Thursday, campus police officers at the University of Kentucky let their well-honed law enforcement instincts lead them to the discovery of a 17-month-old girl named Alouette Day-Moreno-Baltierra, who, until her fateful rescue from the windblown quadrangles of Lexington, had been missing from her home in Los… » 12/30/12 3:00pm 12/30/12 3:00pm

Church Bravely Reverses Its Ban On Interracial Couples

The racial views of the members of the Gulnare Free Will Baptist Church in Kentucky evolved about 60 years in the past week, and all it took was a massive outpouring of shock and rage from people around the world. Yesterday, a week after nine people voted to pass a ban on interracial couples at the church, the… » 12/05/11 10:30am 12/05/11 10:30am

Church Stands Up For What It Believes In, Bans Interracial Couples

Apparently, Jesus has been horribly misquoted for roughly 2,000 years. While everyone thinks he was a fan of loving your neighbor as you love yourself, what he actually meant is that you should love your fellow man as long as his skin isn't a different color than yours. Thankfully, there's a small church in Kentucky… » 12/01/11 10:50am 12/01/11 10:50am

Sometimes You Just Have To Leave The Baby Behind

We now know how things would go down in a real-life Home Alone situation. Rather than being left in his parents' mansion as they jetted off to France, a forgotten child wound up in a parking lot while his dad drove home with the groceries. While leaving a Kentucky Kroger, a dad loaded his bag and his two kids into his… » 12/01/11 9:50am 12/01/11 9:50am

Jennifer Lawrence Explains The Hunger Games To David Letterman

Jennifer Lawrence was on The Late Show last night, and Dave asked if The Hunger Games was a "vampire deal." Lawrence explained that it has nothing to do with vamps, and that it is a "very violent, futuristic movie where kids are randomly selected from their home districts to fight in an arena to the death. But we… » 5/20/11 11:45am 5/20/11 11:45am