SNL Brings Us More Unlikely Music Collabs à la Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett

Last night, Woody Harrelson hosted SNL with Kendrick Lamar as the musical act, and man there were a lot of cameos going on, starting with the cast of the Hunger Games crashing Harrelson's monologue. Aaaand that's about when the countless references to Harrelson's drug use took off. Oh boy! » 11/16/14 4:31pm 11/16/14 4:31pm

This Taylor Swift and Kendrick Lamar Mash-Up Is Impossible to Hate

Now that you've found the strength to admit you might actually like Taylor Swift, the next step is to make her an even more inescapable part of your existence. Here's something to help—"Backseat Shakeoff." The Hood Internet fused Swift's "Shake It Off" with Kendrick Lamar's "Backseat Freestyle," an electric track… » 11/11/14 11:00pm 11/11/14 11:00pm

Dej Loaf Is Going to Be a Star

On Tuesday night, Dej Loaf took the stage in a mink. Or fox, or sable—whatever it was, it was fluffy fur, the age-old symbol, especially in hip-hop, that you're finally rich. The 23-year-old wore it with a flair that was unmistakably of Detroit, the flashy style of her hometown, accessorized with her omnipresent… » 10/22/14 6:30pm 10/22/14 6:30pm

No One Thinks Macklemore Deserved Grammys. Not Even Macklemore.

Last night, a wealthy young duke with a face gentle and soft like rolled-up sleeping bag shocked everyone by winning several Grammys for the art of rapping. His name was Macklemore, he hailed from a far-away, mystical land called Seattle (pronounced: "See-YAW-tehl") and he often wore fancy, intricate coats that made… » 1/27/14 6:20pm 1/27/14 6:20pm

Kiernan Shipka Joins Lifetime's Flowers In The Attic Incest-Fest

Precocious and sexually curious 14-year-olds of the '90s will be thrilled to hear that Kiernan Shipka will be starring as prima ballerina and brotherfucker (SPOILER) Cathy Dollanganger in the Lifetime remake of V.C. Andrews' Flowers in The Attic. Perfect! Sorry, Kristy Swanson. First Buffy, now this. » 8/15/13 9:00am 8/15/13 9:00am