This Week In Tabloids: Ryan & Sandra Are A Perfect Fit

Welcome back to Midweek Madness, in which we read In Touch, Star, Life & Style, Ok! and Us so you don't "have" to. This week: Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock play house and Angelina Jolie is a wasted wino. » 1/05/11 2:30pm 1/05/11 2:30pm

Lea Will Play Dorothy; Perez Publishes Miley Upskirt

Why The Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Should Make You Angry

Yesterday a 10-minute clip from Kendra Wilkinson's teenage sex video hit the ‘net (it's NSFW but you're on your own to Google it). And what I saw was infuriating to me. » 5/28/10 2:45pm 5/28/10 2:45pm

Mary Kate Ashley In Plane Scare; Jonathan Rhys Meyers Hurls The N-Word

Writer Calls Gabby "Mean"; Taylor Donates Cash For Nashville

10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, Dolly Parton admits she's afraid of the rides at Dollywood, Facebook and texting are said to be ruining couples' relationships, and two words: Janice Dickinson. » 3/26/10 4:00pm 3/26/10 4:00pm

Kendra: How Playboy Models Can Trigger Postpartum Depression

This season of Kendra Wilkinson's reality show is focusing on her postpartum issues and depression about her "baby weight." Last night, some of her Playmate friends came to visit, which only increased her body-image anxieties. » 3/22/10 3:40pm 3/22/10 3:40pm

Kendra: The Pressures Of Postpartum Weight-Loss

On last night's second season premiere of Kendra, the onetime Playboy centerfold dealt with a newfound lack of self-confidence in her sex appeal after she didn't magically snap back to her pre-pregnancy figure one month after giving birth. » 3/15/10 4:20pm 3/15/10 4:20pm

Kendra Has A Baby

Last night's two-hour Kendra showed the weeks leading up to the reality star's birth of her son Hank Baskett IV. Kendra seemed squeamish, unsure, and gassy in the last few days of her pregnancy, feelings the audience shared watching it. » 12/21/09 2:20pm 12/21/09 2:20pm

Heidi For Victoria's Secret; Tom Ford Talks About His Depression