Cut SNL Sketch Imagines Morning Show Bummed Out By Ferguson News

Delivering perky, upbeat news on a local morning show is tough—honestly, who's really that happy at 5 a.m.?—but you know what's really hard? Being perky and upbeat while your city is burning and army tanks are rolling down residential streets as your viewers are bombed with tear gas. SNL spoofed that very moment in a… »12/08/14 1:10pm12/08/14 1:10pm

Kenan Thompson Blames Black Women for Lack of Black Women on SNL

Saturday Night Live has a huge diversity problem. Specifically, it has a huge diversity problem when it comes to hiring female performers of color (though its track record for hiring non-white men isn't exactly stellar, either). This isn't breaking news. The show is constantly called out for it's overwhelming… »10/15/13 3:00pm10/15/13 3:00pm

Shocker: Lindsay Lohan Forgets to Show Up for Work on The Canyons

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, Lindsay Lohan's gotta blow off her obligations on the set of every single movie she's worked on for the last five years. In other words, if you play with fire, fire is probably gonna do drugs and drink Red Bull all night and wake up at 4 PM in a bed at the Four Seasons, trying to… »10/19/12 9:00am10/19/12 9:00am

Blonde Katy Perry Is Oh So Ready To Be Your SNL Host This Weekend

This weekend, Katy Perry will make her first appearance on Saturday Night Live as a host, and she's apparently preparing for the event by asking hubby Russell Brand for tips. Note to Katy: you're married to the man and that's the best British accent you can pull off? Anyway, she looks cute in her new blonde hair and… »12/08/11 12:30pm12/08/11 12:30pm