Results Of Baylor Investigation: We Need Another Investigation 

In reaction to one of its football players being convicted of sexually assaulting another student, Baylor announced it would investigate “the circumstances associated with this case.” Merely a week later, the university released results from the law professor-led investigation at 7 p.m. Central on a Friday—ensuring… »8/29/15 2:45pm8/29/15 2:45pm

"How About You Read Bob Herbert's Treatise On Misogyny While I Look For A Better Pic Of The Paula Jones Penthouse Cover?"

Surprise! Identity politics is the topic du jour. Well, that and how Iraq would like our military to keep its surge on until the Jamie Lynn Spears gives birth to her first grandchild or whatever. Today the New York Times found a few Latino kids to talk about how their parents were too racist to let them date black… »1/15/08 10:00am1/15/08 10:00am