​Kelly Wearstler Now Hawking Hideously Named 'Anorexxxy' Sunglasses

Interior designer/fashion designer/"global lifestyle brand" machine Kelly Wearstler has teamed up with French sunglasses maker Thierry Lasry for a new line of specs: the Anorexxxy. Wow. This is incredibly annoying but also alarming coming from someone who told a food lifestyle publication that she doesn't "eat a lot… »3/09/14 6:30pm3/09/14 6:30pm

Kelly Wearstler Tells Bon Appétit She Doesn't Really Eat Much

Bon Appétit bills itself as "the only food lifestyle publication on the market." The magazine concerns itself with food; the website offers thousands of recipes; and recent stories include "The Return of the Tater Tot" and "Pasta!" But a new interview with Kelly Wearstler (conducted by Apron Anxiety's Alyssa Shelasky)… »1/23/13 4:30pm1/23/13 4:30pm

Harper's Bazaar Dresses Up Kids Like Pretentious Designers (And It's Totally Awesome)

  • For its 140th anniversary issue, Harper's Bazaar styles little kids to look like mini-versions of our favorite (and not) fashion designers. And oh my god, is it awesome. (Please note mini-Olivier Theyskens, at left.) This is 10 times better than that Simpsons fashion spread, which was itself pretty freaking inspired,…
  • »10/19/07 10:00am10/19/07 10:00am

Posh Gets Glamour Editor Cindi Leive Thrown Out Of Boutique

  • Glamour editor-in-chief Cindi Leive learned what it really feels like to be "just like us" when she got booted out of Parisian boutique Colette because Victoria Beckham had arrived to shop. And uh, Leive was in the middle of getting changed in the dressing room. Ouch. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • Memo to models: It does not…
  • »10/10/07 10:00am10/10/07 10:00am