Victoria's Secret Finally Finds Kate Upton Worthy Of Its Tacky Bras

Once Upton a time (last year), a Victoria's Secret model booker said the brand would never deign to hire Kate Upton because her look was "too obvious." For a store that sells boyshorts for 14-year-olds with "I Get Around" written in glitter on the ass, mind you. "We would never use Kate... She’s like a footballer’s… » 5/29/13 9:00am 5/29/13 9:00am

Will Charlize Theron Help Jennifer Aniston Score a Black Kid?

Jennifer Aniston, the quintessential grown-up Judy Blume heroine, has a lot of Very Important Decisions to make in the next few months as her wedding to Justin Theroux draws nigh. Apparently she's been quizzing Charlize Theron—mom of one-year-old Jackson Theron—about the process of adoption since mutual friend Chelsea… » 3/15/13 9:00am 3/15/13 9:00am

Whoops, Says Lindsay Lohan—My Mom Totally WASN'T on Cocaine and It's Actually My DAD I Hate

It's a classic mistake! I can't tell you the number of times I've accidentally phoned my dad at 4 am to let him know that my mom was the devil and that she'd kidnapped me in a cocaine-fueled rampage and that he should call the police—only to realized later that my mom was actually just catching up on Reader's Digest… » 10/11/12 8:45pm 10/11/12 8:45pm

Some Of The "Sexiest Men Over 50" Are Not So Sexy

You guys, ageism is a terrible thing, but just stay with me here for a minute: The ladies of a certain age over at WowOwoW.com have lost their freakin minds. Or eyesight. How else to explain some of the choices on the listicle » 9/23/08 2:20pm 9/23/08 2:20pm called "50 Sexiest Men Over 50"? Sean Connery? Sure. Clint Eastwood? Okay. Michael Douglas?…