This Helps Nothing: Personhood Leader Claims His House Is Under Attack

Abortion providers, pro-choice activists, and pretty much anyone associated with them have been relentlessly targeted by anti-choice protesters. They've been subject to everything from garden variety stalking, to violence, and, in some cases, murder. Yet, it's far more rare that the tables are turned and anti-choice… »7/03/12 12:35pm7/03/12 12:35pm


The Personhood Movement Isn't Going Away Anytime Soon

The "personhood" movement, which strives to legally define embryos as people from the moment of conception, might sound super fringe or like a bad joke from an SNL episode — especially when its supporters are forced to go to such ridiculous lengths to try and uphold it, like when Kentucky Senator Rand Paul tried to… »6/27/12 6:20pm6/27/12 6:20pm

Defeated Personhood Advocates Vow To Continue Their Idiotic Fight

Yesterday, Mississippi voters sent Initiative 26— the so-called "Personhood" Amendment— shrieking off into the night like a vanquished horror movie antagonist. Even though 58% of voters in the reddest of red states rejected the extreme abortion ban, advocates of calling zygotes people are undaunted and insist that… »11/09/11 11:30am11/09/11 11:30am