Company That Locked Raped Woman In Container Named "Top Employer For Women"

Remember that whole thing where a KBR employee was drugged and gang-raped by coworkers and then locked in a shipping container by her bosses? And then the company essentially said she was asking for it? And then Al Franken worked to close the loophole that allowed them wriggle out of being sued? Oh, and those pesky… »4/08/11 1:00pm4/08/11 1:00pm

Mama Said There'd Be Days Like This But Please God Only Like 200 More Right?

God, where to begin today. Maybe with the fact that while your mortgage payment was tripling, Goldman Sachs's earnings fell a whole entire 11% ?? Or like, while the Justice Department was systematically sacking any and all prosecutors whose decisions on things like habeas corpus and torture and crap fell anywhere to… »6/17/08 10:00am6/17/08 10:00am

Another day, another accusation of sexual abuse against KBR in Iraq.

Another day, another accusation of sexual abuse against KBR in Iraq. This time, KBR contractors at the British Embassy are accused of using jobs at the embassy as their own personal forced dating/escort service, and dismissing Iraqis who refused or complained. When one finally complained to the British Foreign Office,… »5/08/08 3:40pm5/08/08 3:40pm

Rape, Abortion, & Angry Johnnys: Everything Today Is Making Us Stabby

Iraq Sexual Assault Victim: "I Felt Safer On The Convoys With The Army Than I Ever Did Working For KBR"

Jamie Leigh Jones, the 22-year-old who was gang-raped while working for KBR in Iraq, isn't the only female contractor to suffer under a culture of sexual harassment and subsequent intimidation. Today, the New York Times talks to three other women who were sexually abused in the Mideast by male colleagues while working… »2/13/08 9:30am2/13/08 9:30am