Katie Roiphe: Internet Infidelity is Lame Compared To Straight-Up…

Our very own wealthy, psuedo-intellectual Brooklyn-brownstone-dwelling polemic feminist (although, who knows, she might rankle at the label of "feminist") Katie Roiphe's latest piece on Slate, primarily addresses this much passed-around NYT article and the nuances of Facebook flirtations. See, KT thinks it's worse than… » 2/09/13 5:00pm 2/09/13 5:00pm

Laughably Idiotic 'Sorry, Feminists!' Retort Prompts Awesome Twitter…

Sometimes Twitter brings out the humble-bragging worst in everyone, but other times it makes my day. This morning falls into the latter category, thanks to #sorryfeminists. » 10/08/12 1:15pm 10/08/12 1:15pm

'Ugh, What's Up With All These Feminists Being Funny?' Says Chronically…

This is a serious post, you beer-swilling, har-harring feminists. An adult is concerned about you guys. Please, take a break from lying about your rapes for a second to listen to this urgent announcement: Feminists used to be all earnest and dour and serious, back in the 90's when grunge and Katie Roiphe were relevant. … » 10/01/12 4:20pm 10/01/12 4:20pm

Fifty Shades of Grey's Success Has Nothing to Do with Repressed…

Over the past few months, Fifty Shades Of Grey has gone from Twilight fanfiction favorite to "mommy porn" oddity to New York Times bestseller to upcoming movie to, finally, a ridiculous (and clearly rage-baiting) Newsweek cover story called The Fantasy Life of Working Women by — naturally — Katie Roiphe. » 4/16/12 11:00am 4/16/12 11:00am

Women Who Question The Existence Of Sexual Harassment Are So Cute

This weekend, Katie Roiphe wrote an adorable little column defending the good old days, back when men didn't have to act all weird because they were worried about some brainwashed bra-burner imposing legal castration for on-the-job sexual harassment. You know, back when a gal would understand that a man didn't mean any … » 11/14/11 2:40pm 11/14/11 2:40pm

The Debate As To Whether Or Not America Is Still "Fun" Rages On

Responding to Katie Roiphe's argument that we've gone all virtuous since the gin-soaked days of Sterling-Cooper (which arguments in sum Amanda Marcotte termed "so wrong that it makes people physically uncomfortable") people are making the case for our own debauchery: » 8/03/10 2:31pm 8/03/10 2:31pm

Young Adult Fiction Is Dark For A Reason

Katie Roiphe has an astute piece in the Wall Street Journal about why so many of today's young adult bestsellers focus on dark themes like suicide, eating disorders, and car crashes — and why we shouldn't be worried about it. » 6/08/09 6:00pm 6/08/09 6:00pm