Jessica Alba's Weight Loss Secret: Wearing Corsets 24/7 for 3 Months

Baby weight: A thing that happens, sometimes. Ways to fix/change it: Tuna melts*, not caring, doing Zumba or some shit, more tuna melts, or encasing yourself in a chamber of horrors like Jessica Alba. In an interview with Net-a-Porter's magazine, Alba divulges her post-pregnancy weight-loss secret after giving birth… »4/26/13 9:00am4/26/13 9:00am

Hoda and Kathie Lee Get Wasted and Talk About Penises on Today

On Friday's Today, — writing that almost made me slip into a space-time continuum — television's favorite wine tasters Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb opened the sealed insert in the latest Cosmo and talked about pensises. Or they would have talked about penises if Kathie Lee didn't squander their single FCC-approved… »6/09/12 5:30pm6/09/12 5:30pm

Watch Rob Lowe React To Old, Dreamboat-y Footage Of Himself

Rob Lowe's attractive self is currently in the middle of a press tour discussing his new autobiography, which is a good enough reason to turn on the TV as is. But this morning, Good Morning America upped the television ante when they aired a vintage clip of Rob in all his 16-year-old teen idol glory. His reaction to… »5/03/11 10:06am5/03/11 10:06am

It's Official: The Today Show Is Making Me Crazy

Today was the last straw: I officially hate the Today show. I know it's in the category of "morning television," but I always tune in, hoping against hope, that I'll see, you know, the news. But after the missing women and harmed kids stories, they move right along to "When should I throw stuff in my fridge away?" and… »7/18/08 12:00pm7/18/08 12:00pm