A Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn Biopic Is Headed to the Big Screen

Fans of the Spencer Tracy/Katharine Hepburn romance should get ready — the story of the pair's iconic love will likely be coming to a movie theater near you in the next couple years. Written by screenwriter David Rambo, the newly announced Tracy and Hepburn will follow the couple over the course of their entire… » 2/14/14 5:45pm 2/14/14 5:45pm

Katharine Hepburn, Jiu-Jitsu Expert, All Around Awesome Lady

In the battle of the Hepburns, it is usually the dainty Audrey who gets the most adulation, with her gamine face beaming from the walls of most teenage girls' bedrooms. Katharine has always been my preferred Hepburn — instead of playing the helpless and the flighty, Katharine generally portrayed ballsy dames with big… » 10/30/07 11:30am 10/30/07 11:30am