Cosmo Dares You To Drip Hot Candle Wax Down His "Back Door"

We were SUPER scared when we saw the cover of this month's Cosmo. Not because that perfectly-centered pendant on Carmen Electra's chest looks like some sort of surveillance device planted by malevolent aliens! No, it was the word "sexy." Where is it? Aside from two instances in which it modifyies the words "hair" and… »5/19/08 3:40pm5/19/08 3:40pm

Blinged-Out Bazaar Pisses On Line Between Advertising, Editorial

For a special run of their December issue, Harper's Bazaar has bedecked the word "Fabulous" on 5,000 covers with 258 amber-toned Swarovski crystals. This is the fourth year in a row that Bazaar has partnered with Swarovski for its December issue, and mag pundits are wondering if the crystal company's sponsorship… »12/07/07 2:40pm12/07/07 2:40pm

How Cosmo Could Liven Up Its Relationship With "Sexy Sex"

The first Cosmo of the new year is out! And it's touting "Sexy Sex." Sexy Sex! That sure beats "Sexual Fucking," which we suggested as a cover line after editor-in-chief Kate White thought up "Erotic Sex" for August. Anyway! In pointing out how redundant Cosmo sex tips seem to have gotten after all these we… »12/07/07 11:30am12/07/07 11:30am

Talking Hot Fudge And Hot Sex With Cosmo Editor Kate White

Last night Cosmopolitan editor-in-chief Kate White held a chat at the 92nd Street Y. Did you know she was once a waitress at a Howard Johnson's? It was there that she met a very naughty co-worker who let her in on a secret: sometimes, to get what you want, you have to break the rules. For instance, as employees they… »12/06/07 6:00pm12/06/07 6:00pm