Kate Mulgrew Sorry for Working with Geocentrist, Anti-Semitic Filmmaker

Well, this is a relief. Kate Mulgrew—of Star Trek: Voyager and Orange is the New Black—has addressed yesterday's outrage over her involvement in a documentary, funded by an outspoken Holocaust denier, that promotes the idea of a geocentric universe (one in which the earth is the orbital center). Mulgrew says she… »4/08/14 6:00pm4/08/14 6:00pm


Kate Mulgrew Is in a Doc that Argues the Sun Revolves Around the Earth

Um, so, wait, what, who? Who what now? Did when? Why? What!? The beloved and iconic Kate Mulgrew—of Star Trek: Voyager and Orange Is the New Black—has reportedly narrated a new documentary, produced by virulent anti-Semite and Holocaust denier Robert Sungenis, promoting the idea that the sun revolves around the earth.… »4/07/14 8:00pm4/07/14 8:00pm