The Rodarte Sisters List Their Favorite Buffy Episodes

Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte have listed their favorite episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, whom they call "one of the most powerful female characters ever developed." Included are Season 2's "Passion," and "Becoming" (the one where she kills Angel), Season 3's "Consequences" and "Prom," Season 4's silent… » 1/27/12 1:30pm 1/27/12 1:30pm

Rodarte Gives The World A Vincent Van Gogh-Inspired Collection

Rodarte showed a spring collection that was eminently "wearable" — which I guess is fashionspeak for "there were no horror-film-inspired dresses that looked like they were bleeding this time around." And nothing made of tentacles of black leather, either. Nor any rag-bag collages. What front-row guests like Elle and… » 9/14/11 7:45pm 9/14/11 7:45pm

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Rodarte Show Focuses On The Elemental

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of walking through the Cooper-Hewitt's just-opened Rodarte exhibit. It just about floored me to see that much hand-dyed silk tulle and felt-encrusted knitwear. » 2/12/10 2:40pm 2/12/10 2:40pm

Rodarte Sisters Burn Fabric For Fun, And Other Facts From This Week's …

Amanda Fortini's profile of Kate and Laura Mulleavy — the Pasadena sisters behind Rodarte — examines the duo's relationship with middlebrow fashion bible Vogue. You know, the magazine that made them subsist on 1,300 calories a day for four months. » 1/11/10 4:40pm 1/11/10 4:40pm

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Elle Editor Leads Backlash Against 13-Year-Old Fashion Blogger

Tavi Gevinson—the Chicago area 13-year-old behind the fashion blog Style Rookie—certainly has come a long way. In 18 months of blogging, Tavi has gone from writing raps about Rei Kawakubo to flying to Japan as her guest. » 12/10/09 4:00pm 12/10/09 4:00pm

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