Karlie Kloss Loses Her Ribs to Numéro's Photoshopping

Numéro magazine has a new cover editorial starring top model Karlie Kloss. The largely nude spread was shot in black and white by photographer Greg Kadel. But there are some stark differences between the photographs released by Kadel and those that appear in the magazine. Numéro, it seems, liked that Kloss was so thin… »9/27/12 5:30pm9/27/12 5:30pm


Why Did Vogue Italia Nix An Image From Karlie Kloss's Nude Editorial?

In the December issue of Vogue Italia, Steven Meisel shot the 19-year-old American model Karlie Kloss for the cover — and an 18-page editorial inside. Titled "Body by Kloss," it featured Kloss's first-ever nude work [link NSFW]. But it wasn't one of the nude shots that Vogue Italia decided to throw down the memory… »12/05/11 3:50pm12/05/11 3:50pm

Karlie Kloss Just Posed Nude For The First Time [NSFW]

Karlie Kloss, the supermodel from St. Louis, has been working since she was 14. She's now 19, and recently, her work has become a little more, well, grown-up. And in modeling, that means one thing: Nudity. First, she showed under-boob, that gateway to further nekkidness, in a magazine editorial. She did the Victoria's… »12/01/11 2:10pm12/01/11 2:10pm