Karl Lagerfeld Loves His Cat, Isn't Afraid to Tell Rihanna 

Last night, New York Times fashion reporter John Koblin met up with Rihanna at a swanky party for designer Karl Lagerfeld. At the party, held in a $60 million apartment on the 83rd floor of a luxury skyscraper, Koblin and Rihanna had what, ostensibly, was meant to be an interview, but on the written page seemed more… » 2/15/15 6:00pm 2/15/15 6:00pm

Kendall Jenner Continues Her Steady Domination of the Fashion World

Have ya heard of Kendall Jenner? She's a real young self-starter who grew up on a farm in Iowa and is slowly taking over the fashion world! And she's doing it all based only on her own gumption and pull-herself-up-by-her-bootstraps attitude! » 1/22/15 10:55pm 1/22/15 10:55pm

Karl Lagerfeld's Latest Chanel Film Is a Weird Pharrell Music Video

Once again, Chanel's annual Métiers d'Art show—in Salzburg, Austria this year—has been kicked off with a short film directed by Karl Lagerfeld. This time, it's a dreamy Habsburg fantasy starring Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne, who sing a strange and frankly terrible original song titled "CC the World." Good… » 12/02/14 1:15pm 12/02/14 1:15pm

Karl Lagerfeld Says Feminist Protest Wasn't 'Unpleasant or Left-Wing'

The latest WWD has a piece on how individual designers interpret women's struggles in fashion, pegged in part to the "feminist protest" Karl Lagerfeld staged for Chanel's Spring 2015 runway. And, predictably, Karl says some pretty wacky things about it. Side eye. » 11/20/14 2:40pm 11/20/14 2:40pm

Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Show Ends With Co-Opted Faux-Feminist March

Karl Lagerfeld Slapped His Cat's Name on Some Tacky Accessories

Karl Lagerfeld has borrowed on his cat Choupette's star power for a line of clothing and accessories coming this fall. Unfortunately, it is nothing I want. (As though I would pony up hard-earned American currency for cat-inspired designer items in the first place, when there are perfectly good Etsy stores.) (Yeah, I… » 9/23/14 4:30pm 9/23/14 4:30pm

Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat Has a Makeup Line

Karl Lagerfeld has a cat named Choupette. Choupette currently has over 40,000 Twitter followers. Choupette's Twitter bio reads: "I am Choupette Lagerfeld and I am @KarlLagerfeld's spoiled pussy." This winter, Choupette will be the face of Shu Uemura's holiday collection. I hate Choupette. » 9/08/14 6:15pm 9/08/14 6:15pm

Karl Lagerfeld's Cat Has Her Own Makeup Capsule Collection Now

Um: Very famous feline Choupette, a glamorous furry angel who condescends to live with noted fashion grouch Karl Lagerfeld, will soon launch her very own capsule collection of makeup products with the Japanese brand Shu Uemura. » 7/11/14 3:15pm 7/11/14 3:15pm

Chanel Couture, for the Bike Shorts-Wearing Marie Antoinette in You

Karl Lagerfeld Calls Selfies 'Electronic Masturbation'

Fresh off his very popular sneakers-in-supermarkets fashion show, Karl Lagerfeld, the expert on all things cool, has weighed in on selfies, being "sloppy" and tattoos. » 3/25/14 3:20pm 3/25/14 3:20pm

Karl Lagerfeld’s New Store Has iPads in the Dressing Rooms—for Selfies

So it's come to this. Clothing stores are now picking up on the hot new trend to self-portraiture and the age-old tenets of consumerism by installing iPads into changing rooms. So that customers can take selfies while they're trying on clothes, put filters on them, and send them to their friends. And at the helm of… » 3/16/14 12:30pm 3/16/14 12:30pm

Chanel Fashion Show Thieves Thwarted, the Internet Does Not Rejoice

Karl Lagerfeld hosted Chanel's recent fashion show in a fabulous market, one with designers teas and other items that would probably fetch bank on eBay. But if you were hoping to snag some Chanel swag from Lagerfeld’s latest foray into luxury grocery-cum-fashion shows, we regret to inform you that your dreams are… » 3/05/14 3:45pm 3/05/14 3:45pm

Chanel's Fall-Winter Show Took Place in a High-Fashion Supermarket

Having just shown a couture collection in which the only footwear option was formal sneakers, it seems that Karl Lagerfeld is still devoted to provocatively (?) mixing the aspirational and the mundane. To wit: this presentation — which also heavily featured Fashion Sneakers, some of which were knee high — was… » 3/04/14 4:40pm 3/04/14 4:40pm

Chanel Couture, For the Gym-Addicted Space Empress in You

For this season's Chanel haute couture collection, Karl Lagerfeld drew his inspiration from the unlikeliest of sources. How unlikely are we talking? Well, um, every model on the runway was wearing formal sneakers. Some were wearing couture knee pads. » 1/21/14 12:00pm 1/21/14 12:00pm

There Was a Shocking Dearth of Androgyny at Tilda Swinton's MoMA Gala

Last night, socialites, celebs, fashion's heavy hitters, and Lorde showed up to the Museum of Modern Art's gala honoring Tilda Swinton's film career. David Bowie was reportedly in attendance, but there are no pictures of him with Swinton, so it remains that they could still possibly be the same person. » 11/06/13 3:00pm 11/06/13 3:00pm

Karl Lagerfeld Gets Sued for Saying Dumb Crap About Fat People

Fashion's most unrepentant asshole Karl Lagerfeld has been doddering around making vile, fat-phobic and misogynistic comments for years now. Engaging in nasty body-shaming is kind of Lagerfeld's thing, along with worshipping a stolen cat, wearing a ponytail and creating edgy black tailored things. For the most… » 10/29/13 4:20pm 10/29/13 4:20pm

Steal That Asshole Karl Lagerfeld's Sunglasses in Bizarre New Game

There's a new game where Karl Lagerfeld insults you, and you get back at him by stealing his sunglasses. Although stealing his sunglasses probably isn't the first thing I'd do if I were face to face with that condescending asshat. » 6/20/13 8:30pm 6/20/13 8:30pm