The First African-American Spokeswoman for DNC Isn't Black Enough, Says Idiot White Guy

One of the great things about being biracial is being stopped on the street by strangers demanding to know your racial and ethnic heritage. "What are you?" they ask, refusing to take "get away from me, weirdo" for an answer. Or, you know, when you're at work and a customer grabs your arm, leans in close, and whispers,… »4/03/13 1:43pm4/03/13 1:43pm

Ryan Seacrest Is 'Scared' of Julianne Hough Because of Her Epic Hulk Strength

I just totally like these people. I don't know why. I think maybe it's because of Joel McHale making fun of Ryan Seacrest on The Soup all the time, and Julianne Hough being forced to partner with Adam Carolla on DWTS? Like, he must be kind of a good sport, and she must be the most patient apple pie on earth. Am I… »1/31/13 8:00pm1/31/13 8:00pm