Amy Poehler Is Danny at This 'Grease' Karaoke Party Because Why Not

On tonight's episode of Parks & Recreation — the last to air until January because NBC wants more people to watch Sean Saves The World/ oh my god NBC what are you doing? — Leslie Knope and Councilman Jamm pair up for a gender-bending rendition of the karaoke favorite "Summer Nights." Here's the entire performance. »11/21/13 10:30pm11/21/13 10:30pm

What A Night Out With Joseph Gordon-Levitt Would Sound Like

A great moment in late night television occurred last night when Jimmy Fallon invited his real-life pal Joseph Gordon-Levitt to partake in a little karaoke. But it's not just any old karaoke. Instead, we're treated to a special edition of "Since U Been Gone" and "Edge Of Glory," sung in the style of Axl Rose (JGL)… »9/28/11 12:40pm9/28/11 12:40pm