Here's Kim and Kanye's Awfully Awkward Wedding Dance

This time last year every blogger in the known universe was scouring the internet for pictures of Kim and Kanye’s big day —”little angels blessing us”— while downing bottles of TUMS as our editors urged us to work harder, faster, stronger. Now, to mark a year after the event that almost sent us all to the hospital,… » 5/25/15 1:30pm Monday 1:30pm

Kim Kardashian Celebrates One-Year Wedding Anniversary By Posting Pics

It’s been a whole year. A whole year since Kim Kardashian and Kanye West joined their lives, forever promising each other their love, truly a love for the ages. And the combined life force that is Kimye has surely shown the world that love does not alter, even in the face of a spouse’s terribly ugly clothing line.… » 5/24/15 2:30pm Sunday 2:30pm

Marina Abramović: Jay Z 'Completely Used Me' in 'Picasso Baby' Video

In the summer of 2013, Jay Z, adapting the work of artist Marina Abramović, performed his track “Picasso Baby” for six hours to a small crowd at a gallery in Chelsea.While Abramović originally consented to the idea and even appears in the video, she now says that Jay Z did not fulfill his end of the bargain, leaving… » 5/20/15 10:30am 5/20/15 10:30am

'Watch' Kanye West Close out the Billboard Music Awards

“Watch,” because it’s kind of hard to see amidst what looks like a pyromaniac’s wet dream—and in a few cases, hear, because about a third of his performance was bleeped-out thanks to network censors. Still: he performed live (“All Day” and “Black Skinhead”), sans lip synching—which is more than a lot of the musicians… » 5/17/15 11:50pm 5/17/15 11:50pm

The 18 Best Humblebrags In Time's 100 Most Influential People Issue

Once a year, TIME gets people to write about one of the 100 other people they have deemed the most influential on the planet. Ideally their short pieces should be about the subject and not the writer, but the cleverest among them manage to do both. These are the 18 best humblebrags found in this year’s list: » 4/16/15 9:30am 4/16/15 9:30am