Chill, These 'New' Kanye West Songs Aren't New

The internet is losing its collective shit over two “new” Kanye West songs that materialized on Soundcloud; the only problem is the cuts are most likely leftovers from his 808s & Heartbreak album. Do people pretend to be Kanye fans the way they feign knowledge of fake bands during Jimmy Kimmel skits? »10/19/15 6:10pm10/19/15 6:10pm

Obama Offers Advice to President Wannabe Kanye West

President Obama offered some pearls of wisdom to 2020 presidential hopeful Kanye West during this morning’s Democratic National Committee event in San Francisco. “You may have heard that Kanye is thinking about running for speaker of the House,” he said to the crowd, who immediately erupted in laughter. “It couldn’t… »10/10/15 5:30pm10/10/15 5:30pm

Kanye West Thinks His Wife's Stupid App Is a Rip-Off

Fatherhood changes a man, which explains why Twitter oracle Kanye West took a charmingly domestic turn tonight, warning parents everywhere of the dangers that stupid little iPad games present when placed in the hands of children: Those stubby little fingers will click on those colorful in-app purchase buttons, racking… »10/10/15 11:30am10/10/15 11:30am

Paris Retailer Sued by Beyoncé and Others For Selling Bootleg Merch

A Parisian clothing brand that allegedly sold merchandise bearing the images and names of Beyoncé, Jay Z, Kanye West, Rihanna and Pharrell Williams is now being sued by the artists. ElevenParis, which launched in 2003, has been accused of selling clothing featuring phrases such as “Kanye is my Homie” and “Pharrell is… »10/07/15 10:35pm10/07/15 10:35pm

The Best Quotes From Kanye West's Latest Weird Interview

On Tuesday, in an interview live-streamed from London, Kanye West answered questions from “friends, celebrities and fans worldwide.” The rapper-cum-designer talked about everything from his fashion line, to why music isn’t as exciting anymore, to his take on racism (we’ll all be black in 1,000 years, or something). »10/07/15 12:40pm10/07/15 12:40pm

This Keeping Up with the Kardashians Scene May Be Scott Disick's Swan Song

On Sunday night’s episode of Keeping up With the Kardashians, we see Kim, Kourtney and Scott discussing Khloe’s decision to continue speaking to her ex, Lamar Odom, touching on their long separation pre-divorce. During the conversation, Scott makes a ever-so-brief, downright beautiful reference to the song… »10/05/15 5:55pm10/05/15 5:55pm

Report: Kanye West Allowed to Perform, Not to Advise Obama at DNC Fundraiser

This year’s Democratic National Committee fundraiser will feature Kanye West, everybody’s new favorite presidential hopeful, as its headlining performer. And given Yeezy’s recently announced plans to run for office in 2020, this gig might seem an opportune time to talk shop with President Obama, who will also be in… »9/29/15 10:30am9/29/15 10:30am

White House on Kanye's Presidential Bid: Sure, Bro

During Kanye West’s “speech” on Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards, he concluded by announcing a presidential run in 2020. The White House, currently eyed by silly presidential hopefuls like Donald Trump and Ben Carson—who are leading in some political polls—figured they’d weigh in on West’s plans because, fuck it, why… »9/01/15 10:10am9/01/15 10:10am