Hear Me Out: This Chainsmokers Song Is the Best Thing I've Ever Heard

Hear me out. Just listen to it. That’s right—you’re peaking. The sunrise is coming slowly across the tree line, flickers of electric pink are lifting the deep blue haze from the cloud cover, and someone you love is smiling at you and everything you’ve ever been asked to do is dissolving and everything you want to do… » 7/10/15 5:50pm 7/10/15 5:50pm

Kanye Covers Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody' at Glastonbury 

Glastonbury hasn’t been easy for Yeezy. After the long-running festival announced that he would headline, a online petition calling for his replacement attracted over a 100,000 signatures. Then, last night, he was out-Kanyed by a British comedian who interrupted his performance of “Black Skinhead.” But Kanye soldiered… » 6/28/15 12:45pm 6/28/15 12:45pm

Kanye & Future Debut Incredibly Sexist Video Game; World Rolls Eyes

Yesterday, hip-hop artist Future took a break from being autotuned to within an inch of his life to release a video game designed to be played while listening to his latest single "I Won." The game involves two men in lounge chairs on a beach throwing gold necklaces at bikini-clad women passing by. Once the women are… » 5/09/14 2:40am 5/09/14 2:40am

Shakira Needs Her Boyfriend's Permission To Do Her Own Music Videos

Oh dear. In an interview with Billboard last week, Shakira let on that her boyfriend, Spanish footballer Gerard Piqué, is pretty domineering. On top of simply not allowing her to film music videos with men (no more 'La Tortura?!'), she had to ask him permission to film the steamy faux-lesbian music video for "Can't… » 3/09/14 11:30am 3/09/14 11:30am

Kanye West Wants 'To Make Kanye West as Dope as Possible'

Kanye West is profiled in the new issue of W, which spent a few days with the rapper in Paris while he was recording Yeezus. Kanye acts like a jerk to Kris Jenner, talks about Le Corbusier a lot, learns how to spell "Mies van der Rohe," and explains that his personal life goal is, "To make Kanye West as dope as… » 6/24/13 3:00pm 6/24/13 3:00pm

14 Life Lessons From an Awesomely Batshit Interview With Kanye West

Kanye West, America's tantrum-throwing beat-dropping id, gave an interview to the Times this week so overflowing with self-aggrandizing proclamations practically begging to be ironically cross stitched onto a $30 Etsy throw pillow that it made Muhammad Ali sound like Mahatma Gandhi. But when you strip away the… » 6/12/13 5:15pm 6/12/13 5:15pm

B.J. Novak Gives The Office His Two Weeks' Notice

Temp Ryan Howard, played by B.J. Novak, will not be returning to the Dunder-Mifflin office on The Office. It's open to speculation whether he's leaving for a bigger role on Mindy Kaling's new Fox show The Mindy Project. Novak will continue to hang around as a guest-director and writer of future episodes. With Michael,… » 6/28/12 9:00am 6/28/12 9:00am

Amy Winehouse Gives Back Gowns With Sick Surprise

  • What kind of fuckery is this? Amy Winehouse borrowed some designer dresses. When she returned them, they were splattered with vomit. [Mirror]
  • Some of the puke-stained dresses had developed furry mold on them. [Hey, I'm eating breakfast, lady! - Ed.] [CelebNewsWire]
  • Meanwhile, Amy is trying to launch the singing career…
  • » 9/26/08 9:00am 9/26/08 9:00am