For A Change, Kansas May Open New Abortion Clinics

Anti-abortion legislators are trying just about everything they can to restrict women's access to a legal procedure, from regulating the size of janitor's closets in clinics to arguing that a fertilized egg is exactly the same as a person (who may naturally exit the uterus and never grow any organs). It often seems… »11/03/11 11:20am11/03/11 11:20am


Will Kansas Be The First State Without An Abortion Provider?

Doctors in Kansas are fighting back against ridiculous new licensing regulations that aim to shut down abortion clinics. The physicians have filed a federal lawsuit to block the new regulations, but it seems very possible that on Friday Kansas will become the first state in the country where there are no abortion… »6/29/11 11:20am6/29/11 11:20am

Legislator Says Women Should Plan For Post-Rape Abortion, Since "I Have A Spare Tire"

Earlier this month, Kansas legislators approved a bill that requires those who want their health insurance to cover abortion to buy supplemental policies that only cover the procedure. This is just one of the many anti-choice bills being pushed across the nation, but one Republican lawmaker has turned the spotlight on… »5/23/11 9:37pm5/23/11 9:37pm