California Crisis Pregnancy Centers Sue Over Medical License, Abortion Disclosure Law

California Governor Jerry Brown signed the Reproductive Fact ACT into law Friday, which requires anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers to post signs disclosing to their patients if they are medically licensed, and informing them the state provides low-cost family planning, abortion services and prenatal care. On… »10/12/15 10:30am10/12/15 10:30am


Terrible California 'Kill-Gays' Initiative Officially Deemed Terrible

Until the evening of June 23, California lawmakers were actually being asked to address something called the Sodomite Suppression Act, which advocated for the killing “by bullets to the head or by any other convenient method” of anyone who participated in any kind of gay sex. But, as we don’t live in an… »6/23/15 10:30pm6/23/15 10:30pm

California Wants Pregnancy Centers to Admit They Aren't Doctor's Offices

A proposed law being considered in the California State Assembly would force anti-abortion crisis pregnancy centers to post signs letting their clients know that they’re not medical facilities. Anti-abortion groups are predictably pissed, claiming the measure is “bullying” and, as Heartbeat International put it,… »5/22/15 3:10pm5/22/15 3:10pm

Dissecting The Appearance Of Female Candidates Causes Voters To Take Them Less Seriously (Duh)

President Obama's recent remark that Kamala Harris is "by far the best looking Attorney General" (for which he has since apologized) sparked a great deal of feminist outrage, as well as — predictably — confusion from those who don't perceive the latent sexism in what they saw as an innocuous compliment. One such… »4/08/13 5:20pm4/08/13 5:20pm

CNN Writer Says Kamala Harris Incident Was NBD Because She's OK With Compliments On Own Beauty

Roxanne Jones, former vice president of ESPN and current CNN opinion columnist, has joined the ranks of Fox and Friends' Gretchen Carlson to opine that we should all just lighten the fuq up about Obama's momentary, casual praising of California Attorney General Kamala Harris's physical assets as well as her… »4/06/13 12:30pm4/06/13 12:30pm

Lady Politicians Who Don't Make Us Want To Put Our Heads In The Oven

While Sarah Palin's out of the spotlight for now and Michele Bachmann's once bright political aspirations are fading fast, we may feel tempted rejoice. But for every Palin and Bachmann, there's a Noem and a Haley ready to take their place, and trying to argue with any of their ilk might feel like a neverending game of… »10/13/11 5:30pm10/13/11 5:30pm