K-Pop Group Oh My Girl Reportedly Detained at LAX After Being 'Mistaken' for Sex Workers

Today in everyone-is-so-fucked-up news: Oh My Girl, a new-but-popular K-pop group with eight members aged 16 to 21, were detained at LAX airport in Los Angeles because someone—customs? TSA? someone—reportedly presumed they were sex workers. In fact, they were traveling to the US to shoot the cover of their debut album…

Pyro, Confetti and Deep Lust with BIGBANG, South Korea's Greatest Boy Band

Something I learned at BIGBANG’s concert this weekend in Newark, New Jersey—something I’ve never learned from anyone else over the past 20 or so years of seeing large-scale concerts—is that to execute a successful arena show, a good idea is to play every single song like it’s your last song.

Did Taylor Swift's 'Bad Blood' Copy K-Pop Superstars 2NE1?

Last night, as Taylor Swift pulled a classic derail on Nicki Minaj’s very important VMA tweets, Twitter user @chaelinfenty brought up an interesting point: “can we talk about how taylor’s video isn’t original and was copied from a group of four WOC, 2NE1,” she wrote, not a question but a declaration.