Kim Kardashian Denies Photoshopping Her Clearly Photoshopped Butt Pics

Kim Kardashian's very own Buttghazi (I'm so sorry) scandal rages on. Amid frenzied accusations that Kim photoshopped an Instagram of herself in a sports bra in order to appear thinner, a rep for the reality star and part-time butt photographer has insisted that the images are not digitally manipulated. » 1/09/14 9:12am 1/09/14 9:12am

This Week in Tabloids: Miley Cyrus Partakes in Secret Lesbian Trysts

Welcome back to Midweek Madness, in which the sweet juices of celebrity gossip from the pages of Life & Style, Us Weekly, inTouch, OK! and Star leave us nursing horrific hangovers and musing upon our many regrets. This week: someone is going to write a career-ruining tell-all about how Miley Cyrus secretly hooks up with … » 1/02/14 3:30pm 1/02/14 3:30pm

2013 Is Over, So Let's Never Hear These Crappy Songs Ever Again

Well, thank goodness. 2013 is finally O-V-E-R. (Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out, 2013!). We can finally start to find the reasons to hate 2014 for all the unholy crap it's about to unleash on us over the next 12 months. » 1/02/14 11:40am 1/02/14 11:40am

Rumor Mill Attempts to Break Up Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

» 12/24/13 9:11am 12/24/13 9:11am

Jessica Biel did not attend the SNL afterparty with her husband Justin Timberlake, throwing the planet off its axis and prompting rumors that the couple is officially on the rocks. Previously she was conspicuously absent from the American Music Awards, which riled up all the citizens of the world so much that she felt … » 12/24/13 9:11am 12/24/13 9:11am

Beyoncé Has No Idea What 'Yoncé All on His Mouth Like Liquor' Means

Between playing Secret Santa at Wal-mart and performing at Brooklyn's Barclays Center this weekend, Beyoncé held a director's screening for her new self-titled visual album on Saturday night. Answering questions that fans posted on Instagram last week, the pop star admitted that she was "nervous" about releasing her album … » 12/23/13 1:50pm 12/23/13 1:50pm

'Women are Running Shit': P!nk, Billboard's Woman of the Year

Billboard has named P!nk their 2013 Woman of the Year. During their Women in Music luncheon this week, the pop star spoke about her hope that her ball-busting career has made it easier for little girls who feel like they are different. She also said "fuck" a lot, to which her mother applauded. I love Alecia Moore and her … » 12/12/13 7:00pm 12/12/13 7:00pm

Timberlake Sexes Elvis's Granddaughter in Video for 7-Minute Song

Justin Timberlake has had plenty of uncomfortably dramatic, slightly sexy moments in beautiful houses in Los Angeles in his music videos, most famously in "Cry Me A River," but his new video for "TKO," that seven minute non-single released in September really takes it to a new level. » 10/29/13 10:00am 10/29/13 10:00am

Justin Timberlake Surprises Nikki & Sara; Adorable Freakout Ensues

Are you watching MTV's Nikki & Sara Live? Because it's pretty great, like having a slumber party with the girls you thought you were never cool enough to be friends in high school with but who turn out to be super nice. Case in point: how the show's hosts — comedians Nikki Glaser and Sara Schaefer — reacted to being… » 10/02/13 7:10pm 10/02/13 7:10pm

Dear Justin Timberlake: A Seven Minute Song is Not a Single

Justin Timberlake doesn't know what a single is. That much became shockingly clear Friday, when he released his new "single" "TKO". This "single" is seven minutes long. SEVEN. That is more than twice the average length of a pop song and more than twice the amount of "No thank you." » 9/20/13 4:00pm 9/20/13 4:00pm

Miley Cyrus Fans Want To Rip Lorde's Brains Out For Winning at iTunes

Rabid Miley Cyrus fans are lashing out at 16-year-old chanteuse Lorde, who is so uppity that she did not commit hara-kiri immediately after her "Royals" topped Miley as #1 on the iTunes chart. They're slamming her with Dorothy Parker-esque gems like "Your eyes are too far apart" and "kill yourself you crusty old hag." Lorde » 9/20/13 9:00am 9/20/13 9:00am