Ted Cruz Event Gives 'Courage' Award to State Rep Who Gave Away Adoptees to Molester

Arkansas State Representative Justin Harris, who gave away his adopted daughters to a child molester because he and his wife thought they were possessed by demons, will be given an award for courage at a dinner for Senator Ted Cruz tonight. Harris and a fellow state representative, Charlene Fite, are being commended… » 8/12/15 2:00pm 8/12/15 2:00pm

Pol Who Gave Away Adopted Daughters Thought They Were Possessed 

The Arkansas Times continues to do a stellar job unraveling the incredibly disturbing story of Arkansas State Representative Justin Harris, who gave away the little girls he'd adopted to a man who sexually abused one of them. The Times' newest story reveals there were three children, not two, and that Harris and his… » 3/11/15 1:30pm 3/11/15 1:30pm

Politician Accused of 'Giving Away' Adopted Child to Sexual Abuser

An intense and disturbing investigative piece published by the Arkansas Times alleges that State Representative Justin Harris, a devout Christian who also owns a religious preschool, gave away two little girls he and his wife had adopted six months before. The little girls were "re-homed" with a former teacher at the… » 3/05/15 6:45pm 3/05/15 6:45pm

Prosecutors: Justin Harris Sexted While Son Slowly Died in Hot Car

Justin Harris has received both a great deal of sympathy and derision after he left his child to die in a hot car two weeks ago. Many have defended the father, stating that this type of thing could happen to anyone. The results of Harris' hearing today, however, indicate that the child's death may not have been… » 7/03/14 4:28pm 7/03/14 4:28pm