Helen Mirren Thinks Men Slinging Their Arms Around Their Girlfriends ‘Is Like Ownership’

Hello? You there? Please don’t put your arm around Dame Helen Mirren. I don’t care if you’re her friend or if you two have been “intimate” - just don’t do it! Why? Because Mirren recently spoke with Daily Mail’s You Magazine about how much it irritates the hell out of her. »9/15/15 8:00pm9/15/15 8:00pm

Listen to Justin Bieber's New Single About an 'Indecisive' Girl

After weeks of teasing his new song “What Do You Mean” on Instagram with a countdown that included numerous famous friends (like MARTHA), Justin Bieber dropped the lyric video for the track in the wee hours of Friday morning. An homage to an apparently fickle girl, lyrics include “What do you mean?/When you nod your… »8/28/15 10:10am8/28/15 10:10am

Justin Bieber Has Been Banned From Doing Live Interviews

Justin Bieber, the former boyfriend of Selena Gomez, is getting ready to promote his new single, and his reps aren’t taking any chances when it comes to his unpredictable behavior. Sources tell Page Six that the Bieber’s “people are so terrified of him speaking live” that they’ve banned him from doing live interviews. »8/25/15 9:40am8/25/15 9:40am

Kate McKinnon Perfectly Mocks Justin Bieber's Swag in SNL Outtakes

Justin Bieber’s sensual Calvin Klein ads were destined to be spoofed, and Kate McKinnon—who was most likely Justin Bieber in another lifetime—was the perfect person to do it. In these outtakes from her original Saturday Night Live skit, McKinnon plays the drums dressed as the boy wonder and saunters around in CK… »8/18/15 2:15pm8/18/15 2:15pm