All You Thought You Knew About Juries Is Wrong

In 12 Angry Men, a jury deliberates a death penalty case against a young boy. Only one juror votes "not guilty," while the rest lazily accept the prosecution's story. Because juries in criminal cases must be unanimous, the lone juror holds up the process and eventually convinces the rest of the jurors to spare the… » 4/28/14 4:47pm 4/28/14 4:47pm

Names Of Casey Anthony Jurors Released, Media Harassment Ensues

Three months ago, Judge Belvin Perry postponed the release of the names of the jurors who found Casey Anthony not guilty of first-degree murder. Perry said he wanted to let the media frenzy die down because some jurors were receiving death threats and most told him they "were adamant about their desire not to contact… » 10/25/11 9:34pm 10/25/11 9:34pm

Amy Winehouse: Fashion & Cosmetics Mogul?

  • Amy Winehouse is in talks to do fashion and cosmetics lines? Amy-branded eyeliner and hairspray? What kind of fuckery is this? [The Sun]
  • Jennifer Lopez' nursery is filled with $279 cashmere cardigans, two sleigh cribs costing $1,390 each and a $1250 snakeskin diaper bag. You know, understated. [People]
  • Of her newborn…
  • » 2/26/08 9:00am 2/26/08 9:00am