Literary Critic Hates Vaginas, "Ghetto Volume"

People are obviously reading too much these days. That must be why one critic felt the need to list the 15 writers (9 of them women) we should all stop reading right now. » 8/09/10 2:47pm 8/09/10 2:47pm

Danticat & Diaz On Writing, Justice, And Being A "Nerd Of Color"

At their New Yorker Festival reading on Friday, Junot Diaz and recent MacArthur Genius Grant winner Edwidge Danticat talked about writing with kids, being marginalized as a "nerd of color," and why it's so hard to change the world. » 10/19/09 2:40pm 10/19/09 2:40pm

The incredibly prolific (bitch has written over 70 books!) literary badass Joyce Carol Oates has been nominated for not one, but two National Book Critics Circle awards. Oates was nominated in fiction for The Gravedigger's Daughter, and in autobiography for The Journal of Joyce Carol Oates. Other female nominees for… » 1/14/08 4:20pm 1/14/08 4:20pm

"You brag to your boys that she has more albums than any of them do, that she says terrible white-girl things while you fuck. She's more adventurous in bed than any girl you've had; on your first date she asked you if you wanted to come on her tits or her face, and maybe during boy training you didn't get one of the… » 12/24/07 11:45am 12/24/07 11:45am