Navajo Nation Makes Great Decision to Tax Junk Food, We Should Follow

Starting next month the Navajo Nation will be the first place in the United States to place a tax on junk food. Members can expect a 2 percent sales tax on garbage like: pastries, chips, soda, desserts, fried foods, sweetened beverages, and other shit with no nutritional value that makes us all perpetually sick. »3/29/15 4:15pm3/29/15 4:15pm


Junk Food Addiction As Real As Drug Addiction, But Less Cool

A growing body of evidence indicates that there's a reason it's so hard for so many people to just stop eating junk food— it's just as addictive as illegal drugs. This changes everything. Chocoholism is real, and it's no laughing matter, Cathy cartoons. All those songs you thought were coded odes to heroin and… »11/02/11 1:20pm11/02/11 1:20pm

Sad Sacks Rejoice as McDonald's Launches In-Restaurant TV Channel

America is suffering from a current lack of screens on every possible fucking surface, says no one. So it's no surprise that McDonalds is getting in on the action by launching its own in-restaurant TV channel, so its patrons taking comfort in their sandwiches made of chemicals designed to approximate meat and… »10/18/11 12:20pm10/18/11 12:20pm

What If Candy Bars Were Named For What They Really Are?

College Humor dreamed up these very-realistic names for iconic candies we all know and love. But we do have a few additions: "Stuck In My Braces" for Swedish Fish, "What's That Sore In My Mouth?" for Warheads, and the "You Broke My Dental Work" for JuJu Bees (true story). You could probably substitute the name "It's… »8/23/11 7:15pm8/23/11 7:15pm