Chris Rock Opines On Interracial Dating

This weekend, HBO aired Chris Rock's new stand up special Kill the Messenger » 9/29/08 12:20pm 9/29/08 12:20pm. It was filmed in Johannesburg, New York, and London, which was a little disconcerting at times. Naturally, there were a lot of jokes about the upcoming election ("George Bush fucked up so bad, he made it difficult for a white man to become…

Black Women Resort To Dating White Guys

An article in USA Today claims that more black women consider dating white men these days, especially since "statistics show that black men are seven times more likely than white men to be incarcerated and twice as likely to be unemployed." The story mentions Shar Jackson (uh, not exactly a trend-setting black woman)… » 8/06/07 5:15pm 8/06/07 5:15pm