Man Gets Jump Rope Stuck in His Penis (No, You Read That Right)

I took health class in the late 90s, and there are many things that I have forgotten (like the video we had to watch about what STDs look like). I will never forget, however, the question box our teacher put on her desk to give us the opportunity to ask anonymous questions that would be shared with the class. One… »4/12/14 5:20pm4/12/14 5:20pm


Jump-Rope Puppy Is Angling for a Lifetime of Underemployment and Student Debt

Puppies that can jump rope seem cool or whatever, but shouldn't we be teaching young dogs more marketable skills, especially in this economy? It's super irresponsible for dog owners to keep teaching dogs how to high-five, roll over, fetch, get beer from the fridge (this, btw, is a horrible, disaster-riddled idea so… »4/14/12 1:30pm4/14/12 1:30pm