50 Things to Do With Your Mom That Are More Enjoyable Than Taking Her to See Mother's Day

Mother’s Day, the unfathomably bad new ensemble comedy by Garry Marshall, ends with a blooper reel. It’s not a particularly good blooper reel, but there is one great moment—perhaps the only good moment of the entire film. In it, Julia Roberts is seen in character (complete with that hideous wig) staring out the window…


This Week In Tabloids: Jennifer Aniston Is More Beautiful and More Powerful Than El Niño

Welcome to Midweek Madness, where we go to the magazine store and notice that the classy magazines are more interesting than the trashy ones, swap out In Touch and Life & Style for People and Us, walk to the counter, notice the man behind it can tell something’s off, and feel sort of thrilled about breaking a routine.

Hollywood's Best Discuss How to Survive in the Industry Without Being Straight, White and Male

As the Oscars approach, a number of actors, directors, screenwriters, producers and cinematographers who aren’t straight white men spoke to the New York Times about their professional experiences, giving us a clearer picture of the iceberg of Hollywood racism and sexism, of which we only see a fraction onscreen.

The Trailer For Mother's Day Is An Insult to Mothers Everywhere 

Oh, look. Another Garry Marshall ensemble comedy about a holiday that typically (and understandably) doesn’t have movies made about it in which actors of varying degrees of fame are thrown into a Vitamix along with a screenplay written by a robot, pureed until reaching the consistency of chunky vomit, and lit like a…


Julia Roberts Avenges Her Daughter's Death In Secret In Their Eyes

Secret In Their Eyes is a new revenge thriller that, like many movies of today, has already been made before. Though it’s not officially a remake/reimagining of the 1996 Sally Field/Kiefer Sutherland film Eye For An Eye, it is unofficially a remake/reimagining of the 1996 Sally Field/Kiefer Sutherland film Eye For An…