Witches of East End gives us the silliest magical pregnancy EVER

The mystical pregnancy is one of the most overused tropes in science fiction and fantasy — and now, we've seen this idea taken to its most ludicrous extreme, in the new Lifetime show Witches of East End. Watch the magical self-inflating belly for yourself, below. » 10/07/13 9:33pm 10/07/13 9:33pm

Really Pretty Dresses and Really Bad Hair at the Mad Men Premiere

Last night at the Season 6 Mad Men premiere in Los Angeles, the folks from Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce hit the red carpet to celebrate. Don Draper was dapper as usual, but some of his cohorts need to go back to the drawing board and try again. » 3/21/13 1:10pm 3/21/13 1:10pm

Anglomania Hits L.A.

You may have heard there's a wedding tomorrow. And as such, Anglomania has swept the world. The kickoff of BritWeek at the British Consul General's house in L.A. was a bigger deal than usual — and even brought out a few Brits. » 4/28/11 10:30am 4/28/11 10:30am

Julia Ormond, meanwhile, brings a dash of classic French chic. Zandra Rhodes totally…

Globes After-Parties: Highs, Lows And Pasties

We get it: not everyone wants to deal with the main red carpet. But that doesn't mean one gets to fly under the fashion radar. Especially when one's clothes are so...noteworthy, shall we say? » 1/18/11 10:21am 1/18/11 10:21am

Demi, Kirsten & Gerard Rock Jewels, Jewel-Tones

This Bulgari event in Beverly Hills benefited several very worthy causes, which is great. And Gerard Butler was there, which was also great. » 1/14/11 10:00am 1/14/11 10:00am

Touchy-Feely Fashion At Emmy Event

To the layman, the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences' Performers Peer Group Emmy reception" at Beverly Hills' Chakra sounds like an awful college seminar. No idea how it feels to non-laymen. Hopefully the stars who attended had fashion breakthroughs. » 8/05/10 10:30am 8/05/10 10:30am

No Babies For Britney Or Aniston; Authorities Investigate Suleman…

When Madonna Falls In Concert, Does She Make A Sound?