Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus Funk Up Jimmy Fallon's Whisper Challenge

Jimmy Fallon is the reigning king of delightful, PG-rated antics with celebrities, and The Whisper Challenge is one of his funniest bits. I can’t help but be charmed by celebrities shouting things like “sausage penis?” on national television, especially when that celebrity is Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Give her a talk show,… »4/09/15 9:30am4/09/15 9:30am

Hillary Clinton Might Be Taking Veep's Makeup Artist

Last night during the Veep season 4 premiere party, COMEDY ANGEL Julia Louis-Dreyfus revealed a fun bit of trivia: the HBO series revolving around the staff of fictional president Selina Meyer shares a makeup artist—Barbara Lacy—with Hillary Clinton. And now that Clinton is probably running for president, Lacy will… »4/08/15 7:20pm4/08/15 7:20pm

Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus Do Shots With Jimmy Kimmel

There is nothing more annoying than getting shitfaced and affecting an Irish accent on St. Patrick's Day. On the other hand, this is a video of Julia Louis-Dreyfus doing shots of whiskey onstage with Jimmy Kimmel. Please drink responsibly, by which I mean please drink while being the incomparable Julia Louis-Dreyfus. »3/18/15 3:50pm3/18/15 3:50pm

Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Joe Biden Cavort around DC

Last night was the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, DC's biggest annual fire hazard (from politicians, journalists, and celebrities rubbing elbows so damn hard). Host Joel McHale said some things (including a quip about paying potential first female president Hillary Clinton 30% less! lolol get it?!),… »5/04/14 11:30am5/04/14 11:30am

Lindsay Lohan Borrows Designer Dress, Unsurprisingly Returns It in Shreds

So Lindsay Lohan asks to borrow a designer dress for the amFAR gala from stylist Phillip Bloch, whose number she got from Charlie Sheen. Is any part of what I just said a valid reason to hand over a $1,750 dress of intricate beadwork and gossamer fairy tits and silkworms that only eat free-range food and drink fair… »2/21/13 9:00am2/21/13 9:00am

A Producer Once Tried to Help Julia Louis-Dreyfus By Telling Her Curly Hair Wasn't Fuckable

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is insanely famous and successful—she's the star of the new show Veep which premieres tonight on HBO—and she's managed to do it all in spite of having a huge disadvantage: curly hair. Whaaa? Well, most of us know that curly hair is beautiful, but one asshole of a producer at NBC tried to convince… »4/22/12 8:55pm4/22/12 8:55pm