Courtney Stodden Is a 'Victim of Her Own Beauty,' Says Courtney Stodden's Mom

Now, I'm not going to sit here and say that Courtney Stodden has or hasn't been victimized, because I don't know her. But I would like to note, real quick, that Courtney Stodden's mother allowed Courtney Stodden, at age 16, to move to Los Angeles and marry a 50-something mutant serial killer. So based on the evidence… »12/21/12 8:00pm

Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage Need Republicans in Their Vaginas

Well, isn't this timely! Coinciding nicely (or, uh, not so nicely) with Arizona Governor Jan Brewer's complete severing of state funds for Planned Parenthood, Kate Beckinsale, Judy Greer and Andrea Savage implore legislative official to skip the whole boring "paperwork" step and—hell, just come on in. Come on and… »5/07/12 9:30am