Lindsay Gets Ugly; Courtney Love Hospitalized; Jamie Lynn's Shower

  • Lindsay Lohan will appear on SIX EPISODES of Ugly Betty, including the season finale. LL will play an old classmate of Betty's who is down on her luck. Naomi Campbell, Christian Siriano, Victoria Beckham and now Lindsay? It's official: Ugly Betty is the new Love Boat. [TMZ]
  • Oooh, Lindsay's mugshot is being used in a…
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The Continued, Downward Slide Of 'The Starter Wife'

Okay it's official: The Starter Wife sucks. But because we embarked this particular television-miniseries train when it started, we're loathe to just jump off. After the jump, some basic (and we mean basic) facts and observations about the latest adventures of Molly Kagan and her spoiled-silly friends... for those who… » 6/15/07 5:38pm 6/15/07 5:38pm

'The Starter Wife': Sadly, We're Still Hooked

After last week's riveting two-hour premiere of The Starter Wife, we were worried that this week's installment — a scrawny 60 minutes long — would let us down. But lo and behold, the characters became more absurd, and acted out in exponentially more ridiculous ways as their strange, shallow little lives came crashing… » 6/08/07 5:29pm 6/08/07 5:29pm