Judy Blume: Beloved Author and Marriage Saver

Here’s a positive update on the story of the man who threw out his wife’s cherished copy of Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret by Judy Blume. The author heard news of the husband’s mishap after he put up “Lost Book” fliers around Brooklyn, via EW. Blume sent out a tweet saying that she would send over a signed copy… »8/01/15 5:30pm8/01/15 5:30pm


Even in Adult Fiction, Judy Blume Never Strays Far From Adolescence

Because Judy Blume is most celebrated for her frank depictions of burgeoning sexuality, her new book, In the Unlikely Eventa novelized tale of the circumstances in her hometown of Elizabeth, New Jersey in 1951 and 1952, where three planes crashed in the span of two months—is being presented as an entirely different… »6/05/15 2:39pm6/05/15 2:39pm

Judy Blume's New Book (!) Is About a Plane Crash Mystery in New Jersey

Judy Blume, tween whisperer and the only other Judy who can judge you, has a new book coming out in June 2015! People has the details: In the Unlikely Event is for Adults, not the Deenie set, and it "takes as its backdrop a series of real-life plane crashes that occurred in late 1951 and early 1952 in Elizabeth, New… »12/15/14 2:15pm12/15/14 2:15pm

Your Winter Reading List, as Curated by Judy Blume and Lena Dunham

Mutual admirers Judy Blume and Lena Dunham recently sat down and had a conversation for The Believer, during which they discussed a plethora of things including careers, feminism, adolescence and books books books! And just in case you were hard-up for winter reading material, the two women have plenty of suggestions. »1/09/14 11:10am1/09/14 11:10am

No One Wanted to Make Judy Blume's Movie, Because Everyone's Stupid

Judy Blume, iconic writer/patron saint to confused tweens that she is, needs no introduction. There's a pretty solid chance that you, dear reader, felt less alone in the world after reading her books, whether you were obsessed with getting your period, grappling with recently divorced parents or considering whether… »5/14/13 5:00pm5/14/13 5:00pm

Patton Oswalt and Judy Blume Had an Adorable Bibliography-Off on Twitter Earlier Today

Sometimes the world just works exactly the way you always knew that it should but were too embarrassed to say that it should to all of your friends who pretend to read Proust and say things like, "I have the malaise." They indeed do have the malaise if they haven't yet read the bibliography-off that Patton Oswalt and… »9/30/12 8:00pm9/30/12 8:00pm

Judy Blume Had Breast Cancer But It's Gonna Be Okay

Judy Blume has counseled millions of women through getting their first period, losing their virginity, and dealing with bad boyfriends, friendships, and divorce, so it's unsurprising that she's able to tackle the topic of breast cancer with her characteristically witty real talk, too. Except, this time, it's her own… »9/05/12 2:30pm9/05/12 2:30pm

Guys Read Judy Blume Too, and Not Just for the “Dirty Bits”

Young adult fiction has a rich and evolving history. But few writers have ever had the enduring success and cultural influence of Judy Blume. Having sold more than 80 million copies, many of her books remain in print (and widely read) 40 years or more after they were first published. Her influence on several… »4/06/12 6:00pm4/06/12 6:00pm

Menarche Party? Meh. Getting Your Period Doesn't Make You a Woman

I'm wary about menarche parties, whether they involve cheesy themed partyware and "Pin the Ovaries" games or Native American folk songs and flower garlands. I'm all for girls feeling empowered rather than embarrassed about getting their periods, and I love the idea of parents celebrating and supporting their… »3/20/12 7:40pm3/20/12 7:40pm

All Of Your Favorite Female Writers, In Doll Form

Holiday gift alert for any of your literary-minded friends! Flavorwire happened upon an Etsy shop called Uneek Doll Designs that sells handcrafted dolls of famous authors. My favorites, above, are Sylvia Plath, Maya Angelou, and Judy Blume. Can you imagine if people gave these dolls — along with the books of by said… »12/12/11 5:45pm12/12/11 5:45pm